Arrays/ Cross-section converters

Arrays / Cross-section converters

Arrays / Cross-section converters

Cross-section converters, fiber arrays, linear arrays and V-groove arrays for single- and multimode applications

Fiber arrays / Cross-section converters are suitable for fiber optical switch applications, for example, and in sensor technology, printing machinery, for coupling to splitters, and in free-space optics.

  • Customer-specific number of fibers
  • Customer-specific pitch
  • Special fiber assembly
  • Non-linear configuration

Range of products and services

Product portfolio

  • Arrays with up to 64 fibers and a pitch of
    127 µm or 250 µm are available for SM telecommunication fibers
  • Qualification in conjunction with planar waveguide chips to Telcordia 1209 and 1221
  • Available from UV to IR light with a wide range of fiber types
  • Standard singlemode fibers to large-core fibers
  • Linear arrays and V-groove arrays: end fitting for fiber bundle ends. The fibers are configured here either in a linear (single row) pattern or centered with a specific defined spacing (pitch).

Product properties

  • Excellent long-term stability and mechanical durability
  • Also suitable for use in harsh environments (−40 °C to 85 °C)
  • Positional accuracy of the fiber cores in the array is less than 1.5 µm for singlemode fibers

Ordering options

  • 0° and 8° polish
  • Antireflective coating for fiber end faces is also possible
  • Virtually any standard connector type: FCPC, FCAPC, and many more


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