Tools and instruments

CSM tools - crimp

CSM tools - crimp

For assembly with crimp or clamp and cleave techniques

A set of suitable tools is available for every processing step – from stripping to the crimping of fiber optical cables and end face processing through to final inspection. This means assembly couldn’t be easier – especially for POF.

Our portfolio comprises tools for cable and fiber preparation, tools for connector assembly, and end face processing for connectors. This selection of tools and equipment is especially designed to complement POF and PCF cables and connectors.

These assembly tools for PCF and POF are tailored especially to match WEINERT’s cable designs and connectors.

  • Simple handling and easy to learn
  • Assembly kit with all necessary tools for corresponding fiber types (all-in-one solution)
  • Step-by-step assembly guides can be provided for the POF and PCF assembly kits

Range of products and services

Product portfolio

  • Stripping tools
  • Fiber strippers
  • Cutters
  • Crimp tools
  • Cleaving tools
  • Assembly kits for POF and PCF (step-by-step assembly guides optional)
  • Microscopes for POF and PCF (100x magnification)

Product properties

  • For field assembly and short runs
  • Simple handling
  • Rugged

Ordering options

  • Tools for cable and fiber preparation
  • Tools for connector assembly
  • End face processing
  • Assembly kit

Fields of use

  • Equipping installers and fitters
  • Laboratory equipment for fiber optical assembly of POF and PCF standard fibers
  • Field installation and connector assembly in the field, in all application scenarios

Further information

Compared to the conventional adhesive methods used for silica-based optical fibers, the assembly of POF and PCF cables is extremely simple and can be learned very quickly even by non-specialists. Accordingly, assembly for these cables takes 1 to 5 minutes per connector. As mentioned above, POF assembly is child’s play with the right tools.

PCF optical fibers in particular can be assembled quickly and easily using crimping or clamp and cleave techniques. This popular technique is frequently used for assembly in the field. And the two-component adhesive plus grinding/polishing technique familiar from silica-based optical fiber is also utilized.


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