Optical switches

Optical Switches

Optical Switches

Fiber optical switches for single- and multimode applications

Fiber optical switches from WEINERT are based on a micro-mechanical/micro-optical design featuring high-precision optics. These offer excellent parameters, superior flexibility, and long-lasting stability for a wide variety of applications. The switches are available for a broad spectrum ranging from ultraviolet to infrared, and can be manufactured and operated with virtually any fiber (both cascaded and non-cascaded), many interfaces, and almost any size of housing.

  • Shortest switching times
  • Long-term stability
  • Low losses
  • Polarization-maintaining
  • Full-matrix/non-blocking matrix
  • High optical performance
  • Almost any fiber usable
  • 350 nm – 1,650 nm with singlemode fibers
  • 200 nm – 2,400 nm with multimode fibers

Range of products and services

Product portfolio

  • Fiber optical singlemode switches (eol)
  • Fiber optical multimode switches (mol)
  • Multiple switches and switch systems
  • High channel-count fiber optical switches
  • Matrices MxN, N,M ≤ 16
  • UV/VIS polarization-maintaining switches (super-wideband)
  • Fiber optical components
  • Wavelength range 200 nm to 2,400 nm
  • Fiber diameter 2.3 μm – 800 μm
  • Switch configurations 1xN, Mx(1xN), N,M: 1… >100

Product properties

  • Shortest switching times (<5 ms)
  • Maximum long-term stability
  • Tested to the Telcordia GR1073 standard
  • Switching cycles >108
  • Vibration-resistant
  • Flexible
  • Rugged
  • Compact
  • Impact-resistant

Ordering options

  • Fiber type: singlemode, multimode
  • Housing type: compact housing, tabletop housing,
    19-inch rack mount
  • Connector type: FC, SC, LC, E2000, ST, SMA, MPO, customer-specific
  • PM, non-PM
  • Pigtails, adapters
  • Interface: RS232, USB, I2C, TTL, Ethernet, manual
  • Manual front control panel
  • High-power
  • Super-wideband

Fields of use

  • Applications with the most demanding telecommunications requirements
  • Instrumentation and testing equipment
  • Biomedical applications
  • Spectroscopy (mol series)
  • Laser scanning microscopy
  • Multi-channel optical performance monitoring
  • Fiber Bragg grating sensors
  • Fiber optical conductor testing
  • Environmental trace analysis


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