Singlemode special optical fibers

Bend-insensitive, Select-Cut-Off, and polarization-maintaining (PM) fibers

WEINERT offers a broad portfolio of Select-Cut-Off fibers and polarization-maintaining singlemode fibers for a broad working wavelength range from UV to IR.

  • Made-to-measure manufacturing and assembly to match customer requirements
  • Excellent geometric specifications with tight tolerances

Singlemode special fibers are used in sensor technology, for high-power laser transmission, and for data transmission in application-optimized transmission systems.

Range of products and services

Product portfolio

  • Wavelength range from UV to IR
  • Select-Cut-Off
  • Polarization-maintaining
  • Bend-insensitive

Product properties

  • Excellent geometric specifications
  • High stability and optimal tolerances in fiber geometry
  • Wide range of options to adjust fiber design to customer requirements
  • Customer-specific cut-off wavelengths and mode field diameters

Ordering options

  • Select Cut-Off
  • Various dopings and NAs
  • Diverse coatings (acrylate, dual acrylate, high-temperature dual acrylate or polyimide coatings)
  • Reduced cladding geometries
  • Adjusted dispersion
  • Additional protective cladding with polyamide or ETFE buffer materials for deployment at various temperature ranges or in environments exposed to chemical factors
  • All fibers can be assembled specifically for the customer’s individual application scenario

Further information

Singlemode special fibers can be adjusted to any customer application as required. Multiple individually adjustable variables can be selected here: Core · Cladding · Coating · Cable design · Assembly

  • Fiber core and cladding diameter can be adjusted to match application requirements
  • Cut-off wavelength can be adjusted to the required application wavelength
  • Specially selected coating materials offer optimal protection for fibers against a variety of mechanical, thermal or chemical environmental factors
  • All fibers can be assembled specifically for the customer’s individual application scenario.


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