Optical probes

Optical probes

Optical probes

Optical probes for spectroscopic analysis methods in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries

In many fields of application in optical sensor and analysis technology, optical fibers and components are required for illumination and for light detection. We create customer-specific assemblies for various fiber types and fiber bundles that continue to function reliably under the harshest of conditions, such as in industrial environments – or even in outer space. Examples for the deployment of fiber optical components in a wide range of application scenarios include:

  • measuring optical probes in the chemicals industry
  • fiber feedthroughs for signal transmission in vacuum applications
  • fiber systems for temperature measurement in high-temperature applications
  • offshore measurement systems in wind turbines or on oil platforms
  • fiber measurement system in astrophysics

  • A coordinated probe design for special optical fibers to protect against the environmental conditions in your specific application: development, design, manufacturing, and raw materials from a single source
  • Probe heads for optical measurements with specific equipment for your measurement scenario (e.g. window, integrated air purging, high-temperature)
  • Suitable for difficult environmental conditions and harsh industrial surroundings
  • Suitable for liquids, gases, or solids
  • Fiber optics experts at every stage in the value chain – from raw materials and fibers, cables, and components through to special optical components and probes

Fields of use

  • Spectroscopic analysis (Raman, NIR, MIR, UV-VIS)
  • Particle measurement
  • Surface sensor technology
  • Safety systems
  • Environmental analysis
  • Quality control 
  • Pyrometric applications
  • Optical probe as part of the instrumentation for the New Horizons (Pluto Mission) space probe


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