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LE.X.CO - ONE major project – ONE cable solution

This unique cross-linked cladding material is deployable for all task areas within major projects. It has been developed to fulfil the demanding requirements in offshore, rail, manufacturing, shipping and applications involving challenging environmental conditions.

LEONI X-linked COmpound (LE.X.CO): a cable for every eventuality. LE.X.CO meets high fire standards and has excellent media resistance. This means it can be deployed throughout the project, even under adverse conditions. This saves you approvals for many different cables for all of the applications in your major project.

  • Save up to 75% on total cost of ownership for major projects by reducing complexity related to regulatory requirements, cable types, installation, and handling.
  • Approved for all task areas in your major project
  • Reductions to total costs due to simplified cable installation
  • Simpler project management
  • Any cable design possible, including hybrid cables
  • No restrictions as regards fiber or cable diameters
  • No extra assembly effort compared to standardized cable types
  • Modular system of preforms, fibers, cables, assemblies, and optical components – to put together your own passive optical network

Range of products and services

Product portfolio

  • Central loose tubes
  • Stranded loose tubes
  • Breakout
  • Mini breakout
  • Simplex/duplex cables
  • Hybrid
  • Zipcord
  • Single element
  • Additional armoring made from metal and nonmetals
  • Customer-specific cable designs

Product properties

  • Halogen-free (IEC 60754-1)
  • Low acidity of fire gases (IEC 60754-2)
  • Flame resistance (IEC Group 60332)
  • Non-metallic design on request
  • No deformation after laying (heat/pressure-tested)
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Excellent UV and ozone resistance
  • Optimal media resistance
  • Outstanding durability under harsh environmental conditions
  • Welding sputter-resistant
  • Cladding type SHF 2 as per IEC60092-360
  • MUD-resistant as per NEK 606

Ordering options

  • Customer-specific cable designs, printing, and colors
  • Certification: DNV GL
  • Certifications on request
    • ABS
    • LR
    • BV
    • UL
    • GOST

Fields of use

  • Offshore wind park cabling
  • Rail transportation and technology
  • Maritime and marine applications
  • Vessel cabling
  • Aerospace
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Applications with challenging environmental conditions

Further information

Major projects are highly complex, as they involve a wide range of safety standards, cable types, installation, and handling requirements.

WEINERT has developed a special cross-linked cable cladding material that is suitable for almost all cable types. One design therefore meets all project requirements and multiple cable laying operations can be skipped.

Our new cable solution for simplifying planning and implementation in major projects: LEONI X-linked COmpound (LE.X.CO).

Please contact us for further details. We would be pleased to demonstrate the advantages for planning and implementing your major projects in offshore, rail, manufacturing, shipping, and for applications with challenging environmental conditions.


Please contact us for further information. We look forward to your inquiry.

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Frequently Asked Questions about LE.X.CO

1. What is LE.X.CO and why was it developed?

LE.X.CO stands for LEONI X-linked COmpound and is a unique cross-linked cladding material designed for all task areas within major projects. It has been created to address the rigorous requirements of sectors like offshore, rail, manufacturing, and shipping, especially in challenging environmental conditions.

2. How does LE.X.CO provide an advantage for major projects?

LE.X.CO offers a singular cable solution, eliminating the need for multiple approvals for various cables in a major project. It's versatile and meets high fire standards, allowing for its use throughout the entire project even under adverse conditions. By using LE.X.CO, there's potential to save up to 75% on total ownership costs by streamlining regulatory, installation, and handling processes.

3. What are some of the standout product properties of LE.X.CO cables?

LE.X.CO cables are notable for their halogen-free nature, low acidity of fire gases, flame resistance, and high abrasion resistance. Additionally, they demonstrate excellent UV and ozone resistance, optimal media resistance, and exceptional durability under harsh conditions. They are also welding sputter-resistant and MUD-resistant according to NEK 606 standards.

4. In which sectors or fields can LE.X.CO be utilized?

LE.X.CO is versatile and can be used in a range of fields including offshore wind park cabling, rail transportation, maritime applications, vessel cabling, aerospace, infrastructure projects, and in any application with challenging environmental conditions.

5. How does LE.X.CO streamline the planning and implementation of major projects?

Major projects often involve a myriad of safety standards, cable types, and installation requirements. WEINERT’s LE.X.CO provides a comprehensive cable solution that's suitable for nearly all cable types. With just one design, it satisfies all project requirements, which simplifies project management and avoids the need for multiple cable laying operations.
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