Tight buffered fiber V

Tight buffered fiber

Tight buffered fiber

Optical tight buffered fibers for modular assemblies

The buffered fiber is the most important part of the optical fiber cable and should therefore be chosen to match the application. We can offer a wide selection of tight buffered fibers for a huge range of applications. Whether for cord sets (pigtails) assembled at one end, for flexible deployment or for superior resistance to temperature changes – we have the solution.

Comprehensive know-how, many years of experience and highly flexible production mean that we can design and manufacture the right cable even for the most demanding scenarios.

  • High flexibility
  • Very good kink resistance
  • Longitudinally waterproof
  • Easy to lay and install
  • Primary and secondary coating available in 12 colors
  • Superior durability versus external stresses such as bending and environmental factors
  • Easily strippable
  • High temperature resistance

Range of products and services

Product portfolio

  • Semi-tight buffered fibers, gel-filled (type STB900)
  • Semi-tight buffered fibers, dry (type STB900H)
  • Semi-tight buffered fibers, dry (type STB600H)
  • Tight jacketed fibers (type TB900AH)
  • Tight jacketed fibers (type TB900L)
  • Tight jacketed fibers (type TB600L)
  • Tight jacketed fibers (type TB600H)

Product properties

  • Flexible
  • Longitudinally waterproof
  • High temperature resistance
  • Kink-resistant
  • Easily strippable

Ordering options

  • Primary and secondary coating available in 12 colors
  • Ring marking possible


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