POF and PCF cables

POF and PCF cables

POF and PCF cables

POF and PCF cables - Special cables with polymer optical fibers and polymer cladded fibers

WEINERT offers special cables with polymer optical fiber (POF) or polymer cladded fiber (PCF). Typical application lengths for POF cable types are approx. 50 m (at 100 Mbps); typical application lengths for PCF cable types are ca. 200 m (at 100 Mbps).

  • We are the European market leader for POF and PCF cables
  • Direct connector assembly
  • Field installation
  • Suitable for use with drag chains
  • Low system costs

Range of products and services

Product portfolio

  • Types from 1 to 24 fibers
  • Simplex cable types
  • Stranded cable types

Product properties

  • Oil-resistant
  • Highly flexible

Ordering options

  • POF
    • Step-index standard
    • Step-index POF Low/High NA
    • Step-index high-temperature
    • Step-index for Fast Ethernet
    • Graded-index

  • UL-approved
  • UV-resistant
  • Colors as requested by customer
  • Additional outer cladding

Further information

POF and PCF cables are available for indoor and outdoor applications. A range of cable designs are available to match various requirements. Special requirements for flexibility, oil resistance, UV resistance, zero halogen content, or flame resistance are satisfied by the selection of suitable materials.

For multicore POF and PCF cables, separate buffer tube colors can be used to improve distinguishability. Compared to uniform black buffered fibers with printed identification, this technical solution improves differentiation at a lower cost, and therefore offers the user major advantages for laying and installation.


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Frequently Asked Questions about POF and PCF cables

1. What are POF and PCF cables?

POF (Polymer Optical Fiber) and PCF (Polymer Cladded Fiber) are special types of cables. WEINERT offers these cables which are tailored for transmitting optical signals. POF cables typically support application lengths of about 50 m at 100 Mbps, while PCF cables can go up to approximately 200 m at the same speed.

2. What makes WEINERT's POF and PCF cables stand out in the market?

WEINERT is the European market leader for POF and PCF cables. Their products come with advantages such as direct connector assembly, suitability for field installation, adaptability with drag chains, and low overall system costs.

3. What range of POF and PCF cable types does WEINERT offer?

WEINERT's product portfolio for POF and PCF cables is extensive. They offer types ranging from 1 to 24 fibers, including simplex and stranded cable varieties. The cables are oil-resistant and highly flexible. Ordering options include various specifications like step-index standards, graded-index, UL-approved, UV-resistant, and even color customization.

4. In which applications are POF and PCF cables commonly used?

POF and PCF cables find a wide array of applications including, but not limited to, Factory Automation, Energy & Infrastructure, Optical Metrology, Automotive & Truck sectors, Marine/Maritime environments, and broader Transportation fields.

5. How does WEINERT cater to specific requirements for their cables?

POF and PCF cables from WEINERT can be customized for both indoor and outdoor applications. The company offers a variety of cable designs to meet different needs. If there are special requirements like flexibility, oil resistance, UV resistance, zero halogen content, or flame resistance, these can be met by selecting appropriate materials. Additionally, for multicore POF and PCF cables, WEINERT provides separate buffer tube colors to improve distinguishability, offering users significant advantages during installation.
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